Maire's Journey

About the Film

In 2013, America was home to 585,720 cancer deaths. Maire became one of those statistics.
24-year old former U.S. Army PFC Maire Kent lost her battle to Cardiac Sarcoma, a rare cancer of the heart. All Marie wanted was to see the ocean. Her dying wish was that her ashes would go into a wooden sailboat, handcrafted by blind carpenter George Wurtzel, and her vessel would be set sail in Northern Lake Michigan. Would she reach her final destination? Would anyone care to pick her up and help her? Where do we go when we die? When we die, are we really gone? Maire's Journey is a true story that will stay with you well after the credits roll.
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After Maire's passing, the University of Michigan Frankel Cardiovascular Center set up the
Maire Kent Memorial Fund for Cardiac Tumor Research.
A portion of all proceeds earned will be donated to the foundation in memory of Maire.
  • About the Director

      Director/Producer Keith Famie is the founder of Visionalist Entertainment Productions, a documentary production company based in Michigan. For the last twelve years, Keith has been producing human interest and socially conscious style documentaries for PBS of Michigan. Their films have garnered them eleven Michigan Emmy’s and several nominations, as well as many other accolades.
      This film is very special to Keith because he and Marie grew to become very close friends. An accompanying book, “Maire’s Journey to the Sea,” is avablibe with a portion of the sales going to the Maire Kent Memorial Fund for Sarcoma and Cardiac Tumor Research at the University of Michigan. Click here to learn about the book. Keith hopes Maire’s story will inspire anyone who see’s it to gain a better understanding of what a cancer patient goes through as well as how important the people in our lives are.
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  • Maire’s Journey is ideal for public screenings. We always bring Maire’s boat to have on display and, when possible, carpenter George Wurtzel joins us. We sit with audiences afterward to talk about the making of the film and the impact Maire had on all of our lives. We have found this to be a very moving experience for everyone. At the end, we offer a book signing of “ Maire’s Journey to the Sea," written by Director/Producer Keith Famie. For more information on screenings and to see photos and video of previous screenings, please reach out to:
    Director/Producer Keith Famie
    [email protected]
  • Maire’s story and journey have been written about in several publications. To see these, please go to this link.